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    Professional Services

    Program, Product and IT Management

    Experienced running large IT/software development programs, managing software as a product and providing strategic IT management services for customers of all sizes.

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    Document and Digital Asset Management Solutions

    Out-of-the-box or customized

    Easy to use solutions document and digital asset management solutions. Repositories for large-scale document management or complex custom workflows to manage document-based business processes.

  • Solution Profiles

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    Web-scale Document Management Product

    Built on open source components

    Architected, designed and managed delivery of a web-based, multi-tenant, document management and workflow solution for a hosted service provider for Credit Unions.

    Program Governance and Management for Financial Services Outsourcer

    Client data migration and web app enhancements

    Management of migration of block of business for a large Canadian Financial institution, on to the clients hosted application. More than 10,000 days of development and data migration effort in 10 months

    Digital Asset Management for a Marketing


    Control and management of digital assets

    Customized version of open source digital asset management system to handle very large binary objects, complex visual selection and more

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    So why doesn't Nuxeo take the same approach for partners (or would-be/were partners)? In the Nuxeo world, a partner that wants access to the Studio development tool is going to pay an order of magnitude more than a Microsoft or IBM partner fee. And Studio is but a single tool, where IBM and...
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